glass heart - medium, approx. 7 cm/2.5 inch high

A heart for you – special edition


More than ever we are very fortunate to have special people in our life:

Someone we love, someone we honour,

someone who helps us every day,

someone who laughs with us, but also someone who cries with us,

someone who understands our worries, our happiness

— someone who is just there, when we need her or him.

For all these people is this special edition of glass hearts.

Each glass heart is unique, like ‘the special someone’ in our life.

Original mouthblown glass.

Individually hand-painted and finished with sliver or/and gold paints and ribbons in our studio in Ireland.


The pictures show a selection of different designs. Each heart is different, unique and painted indiviually and comes in a secure environally friendly cardboard box. Unfortuately it is not possible to order a specific colour or design. (designs available: gold/dots, gold/red, gold/blue, gold/green, silver)

This is the small version of the glass hearts on show and available in our shop and approx 7 cm / 2.5 inch high.

You are seting a pre-order for your heart today. They will be handpainted just for you and send out in late September.



Available on back-order

studio elke westen

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